September 6, 2019

"Great plumbing company, helped me diagnose an issue before coming by and then when they came by they wore shoe booties and then also cleaned up afterwards and my house was even more clean than when they arrived. Highly recommend!"
June 7, 2019

"Extremely knowledge! Billy has helped us immensely on our Santa Fe home buying journey. He expertly inspected the plumbing and heating systems to ensure we were fully aware of strong points and challenges of each home we considered. We will be customers for life! "
June 7, 2019


"I have used Territorial for a few years now and I am very pleased with their attentiveness to calls and concerns. They put you on the schedule as soon as possible and they have always been very helpful and show up on time or close to time. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I like using local companies for all the services one needs owning a home and they have been excellent for all my plumbing and HVAC needs and preventative maintenance checkups. "
November 8, 2017

"They had installed a boiler more than a year ago. The company that built the boiler kept having them rebuild it even though it was non functioning over and over again. Territorial took the hit over and over again on making sure we had hot water and had heat from that boiler, even though the company that manufactured it was basically telling them, "Fix it, fix it". In the end, I just said, "Now I just want a new boiler. I am tired of this 'fix it' stuff". They were incredibly magnanimous in their taking care of us, even though the manufacturer they bought it from was not taking care of them or us. I can't possibly say enough good about Billy and his family."
July 27, 2017

"We have nothing but praise for Territorial, from routine maintenance to emergency situations. They are reliable, thorough, and a pleasure to do business with."